SH Presets 02 (NEW)

SH Presets 02 (NEW)


The time has come for me to share something incredibly significant and important. There a whole bunch of things many content creators don’t really want to reveal, however, I’ll share with you my editing experience I’ve been working on for more than two years. 
I believe anyone can find something valuable in what I’m about to share with you guys, but I’d like this to be particularly useful for the young photographers and content creators. 

Everyday I receive many messages about photography, its technique and what is it exactly I do when I edit my photos. I’d like to make it clear that my main focus is on the newbie photographers, so few of the following things  may seem boring to some of you, however stick around for more advanced advice later on. 
  Presets are not a bad photography practice as opposed to what many would say. It’s a way of taking a look at everything from a different point of view. Not only concerning photography, but also in helping you to recognize your own style. Presets allow you to constantly create beautiful branding. 

That’s why feel free to use these presets while you’re still navigating your own handwriting when it comes to edits.

They are unique as they’ve been developed and built on all the possible conditions of nature in Latvia. In doing so, I’ve made it easy for you to deal with many types of photos. Inspired by the world’s greatest Instagram nature photographers as Alex Strohl, Benjamin Hardman, Rodrigo Trevino, etc. they are not far-fetched from the work of these personalities. Nevertheless they are not made as an example of their work. 
SH presets were created to represent style that’s relevant nowadays. 

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